Oh Sarkozy

A new law in France makes it illegal for nonaccredited journalists to record acts of violence.
“The law, which was proposed by Minister of the Interior, and French Presidential hopeful, Nicolas Sarkozy has been designed to criminalize a range of public order offenses.”
Sarkozy spoke to a conference of bloggers in France late last year.
If such a law were passed in the US, we’d assume it was because the government was getting ready to commit acts of violence that they didn’t want people to see on the web. The French would probably talk about how we’d lost it in the USA.

This is a blog post from Boston

I’m staying at the Westin.

Going to the Public Media conf which starts tomorrow.

hi from boston

Hello everybody, this is a test of yomoblog.com

new show idea

The People’s Web

With Robert Scoble

1-2-3 bug reports

Hey everbody..

If you have a bug to report, it doesn’t matter what the software is, the developer needs the following info to figure out what’s going on:

1. What you did.

2. What you expected to happen.

3. What actually happened.

Exact error messages help too. 🙂


Where do the blues brothers come from? I think they come from Elgin, Illinois.

scripting.com down

Not home so I can’t check it out. Will get back sooooon.

I love being mobile

There’s an old Who song called GOING MOBILE.

Wouldn’t be surprised if some mobile product used it as their theme song.

Anyway we need mobile-friendly comment software too. Anyone got some??

I got a feeling

A feeling deep inside.

Hello world

Another test!