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I love being mobile

There’s an old Who song called GOING MOBILE.

Wouldn’t be surprised if some mobile product used it as their theme song.

Anyway we need mobile-friendly comment software too. Anyone got some??

I got a feeling

A feeling deep inside.

Hello world

Another test!

Test 5

This is another test.

Test 4


Test 2



Does this mother still work?

techcrunch test

testing out dave’s new cool tool

live from the oakland coliseum

Red Sox vs the A’s…

Oakland up five to zero after five.

Red sox nawt hap!!

New features in YoMoBlog

They’re all cosmetic…

1. The name of the service appears in big letters at the top of the page.

2. Two links appear above tha(, pointing to News and Docs.

3. Added sections for news and docs.