what tools?

Just curious, what tools do people use to post to their blogs from a Treo or a Blackberry??

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  1. […] Just curious, what tools do people use to post to their blogs from a Blackberry or Treo?   […]

  2. Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc on

    Some blog hosting platform (like Live Spaces or DasBlog etc …) provide an email-to-blog feature : you send an email to a custom email address and the subject becomes the title, the body etc … You can have keywords to add tags etc … Attach a picture

  3. Dave Winer on

    Radio has that feature, but the problem always was that you couldn’t edit the post once you had sent the email.

  4. Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc on

    If I can extend the question about mobile devices based on another OS (even if Treo exists on both platform -plam and windows mobile), I see this one : http://www.pocketpcfreewares.com/en/index.php?soft=1287

  5. Steve Borsch on

    I’m on Verizon whose internal messaging app appends a ton of “gotta use quicktime” and other disclaimers that end up in the post. I was so pissed that I did a post about it: http://www.iconnectdots.com/ctd/2006/06/verizon_doesnt_.html

    I’ve used the internal browser to go directly to Typepad. I post to other blogs (including one at Typepad) with email and the signature gets stripped out.

    My new fav? Typepad bought SplashBlog and has introduced this brain-dead-simple app that lets me select my blog, type in a Post Title, choose an image or snap one on the spot, and then type up text for the post body. It’s got issues, (go here: http://www.iconnectdots.com/ctd/2006/08/this_post_broug.html ) as it puts in too many breaks between paragraphs, can’t hyperlink, and other non-trivial gotchas.

    Methinks email posting to secret addresses is the most universal method if there was a way to insert tags to put “” and a “:” and then a URL or some such scheme to enable hyperlinking.

    My $.02….Steve

  6. Steve Borsch on

    Oops…forgot to add that I’m using a Treo 700p on Verizon’s EV-DO network.

  7. Tom Raggett on

    Reasonable options for Palm (I have a Treo 650):

    I use u*Blog (http://pam-ya.com/palmware/index-en.html#uBlog) is free and does picture upload, posts, edit. Occasionally flaky, but not too bad.

    Vagablog (http://www.thisismobility.com/blog/?page_id=7) is open source but currently limited in functionality. As is Plogit (http://plogit.sourceforge.net/)

    Commercial options:
    HBlogger (http://www.normsoft.com/hblogger/)
    Mo:blog (http://www.moblogworld.net/twiki/bin/view/Moblog/WebHome)

    Haven’t yet tried the WordPress WAP/mobile extensions/plugins. If they work, I’d just use the browser.

  8. Josh Bancroft on

    PocketSharpMT is a great Windows Mobile blog editor from randyrants.com, that supports the MetaWeblogAPI. It’s written for MovableType, but I’ve used it on WordPress via MetaWeblogAPI (though recent versions didn’t work for me).

    I also generally use the web admin interface for WordPress in Pocket IE on my Samsung i730 Windows Mobile device on Verizon EVDO. Sure, the page looks smushed, but it’s workable.

  9. Joe on

    I liked VagaBlog when I had a data plan.

    http://www.cantoni.org/articles/palmblogging has an analysis.

  10. enoch choi on

    to VOX using a treo650 via Verizon whose internal messaging app adds stupid stuff about quicktime– very annoying.

  11. Paul W. Swansen on
  12. Jon Gales on

    Depending on the phone you have and the publishing system you use, you can post just fine from the web based UI. Nokia’s latest browser has *great* CSS support and handles MovableType with ease. Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are pretty good browsers too, they should be able to handle most CMS UIs without too much of the dreaded horizontal scrolling.

  13. foeyshell on

    Try http://www.litefeeds.com

    They have a nice Blackberry client for scanning your RSS and you can post articles to your blog and edit them. Very simple but good.

  14. Hermes on

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  15. Jon Maroney on

    People have been using FreeNews for reading all their blogs and then posting articles via email. Not as blog publishing per se, but more as article keeping and commenting on things that they read.

  16. Steve on

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  17. Q on

    Actually Vox has a very cool app for palm, wm5, and symbian that lets you post with tags, upload pics and videos directly from the app. I have been playing with vox for a few days and it seems to work pretty well. What I suspect is that Sixapart took their purchase of SplashBlog and used it to make this app for Vox. Anyway, what I’m looking for is a dedicated app for blogging to WordPress. I currently use flickr to post to WordPress but have no way of posting videos.

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